Sediment on streets is one of the #1 problems in a construction area

– Craig Benson, M.S. (Region 1 IECA Board of Directors)

At Golden Bear Services our main focus is to address this ongoing problem with the implementation of Track-Out Devices. Our Rattle Products effectively remove dirt and debris from vehicle tires before they track sediment onto public roadways.

Our Rattle Products:

  • Knock a vehicles tires from one ridge of angle iron to another thus causing sediment to forcefully be removed
  • Have ridges placed at such a distance so that a tires only points of contact are with angle iron, causing tire treads to open and further release sediment build up
  • Are constructed 100% from steel in order to withstand the strain of heavy vehicles driving on top of them on a regular basis
  • Are 100% recyclable, if a unit is beyond repair because it was damaged by improper use than that unit can be melted down and re-purposed

Rattle Grate® vs. Rock Pad

Golden Bear Services believes track-out devices have many intrinsic advantages that rock pad, today’s standard track out solution, do not share. Rattle Grate® have a long life span and can be used for multiple years on a single job site without losing its effectiveness; whereas, rock pad must be replaced and additional rock added once its effectiveness is inevitably lost. Rattle Grate® Actively removes dirt from vehicle tires by opening their treads and knocking the sediment out along a series of ridges; rock pad Passively removes dirt from vehicle tires by sediment attaching to the surface of rocks as the tires pass over it. When a construction site no longer needs Rattle Grate® it is picked up and placed at another construction site to continue use; when Rock Pad is no longer needed it is picked up, dumped into a land fill, and more rock must be quarried from the ground.

Local regulators in Southern California realized that rock pads were only minimally effective and had to be replenished from time to time. They focused on track-out devices, found them to be the most effective method of track-out control, and now there are virtually zero construction sites in Los Angeles Metropolitan that do not use track-out devices.

Rattle Track®
Rattle Grate®